Supercharged Lead
Generation For Your Events

The Problem

Companies sponsor your events to generate sales leads. But 68% of event sponsors say they experience some difficulty in setting up, capturing or retrieving leads.

Our Solution

EasyLead solves this problem by revitalizing lead generation and follow up for your sponsors and exhibitors, allowing them to easily capture, export and capitalize on leads from your events.

Easy for Sponsors

Make lead retrieval a key driver of event ROI with EasyLead.

  • Easy Setup

    Streamlined experience from set-up to scan. Zero equipment rentals, order sheets or slowing down.

  • Intuitive Workflow

    Scan, rate, add notes, export, repeat. A workflow designed to match the pace of your events.

  • Instant & Contextual Follow up

    Send leads to any inbox—anytime—with the context sales teams need to close.

Easy for Event

More profit, lower cost, less time wasted.

  • Boost your bottom line

    With our unique partnership model, events generate real revenue while increasing value for their sponsors. It’s a win-win.

  • Increase sponsorship retention

    Increased lead generation creates tangible value for your sponsors, uplifting sales and increasing sponsorship retention.

  • Less on your plate

    Free badge printing, session tracking, and one-click access to equipment rentals, so you can stay focused on making your event a success.

Ready To Learn More?

See how EasyLead drives revenue for your event while keeping sponsors happy.